pta update

Hello Rockfield Families!

Here are some last updates for the school year:


  • 1: Smart Cow Fundraiser - 4-8pm
  • 4: Step It Up - Day of awesome at school!!
  • 8: Planning meeting for next year
  • 12: End of Year Party
  • 19: Chinooks Baseball Game

Step It Up
We cannot even begin to give enough thanks to the generosity of the Rockfield community. At the time of this being written, we raised a total of $35,016. WOW! With that, we will receive at least $17,500 and we were able to fulfill one of Mrs. Redies dreams of having a rock wall for the Phy Ed classes. The wall will be going in this summer so look for it next year!

Gaga Ball Pit
Gaga ball pit is in! We are thrilled that the community came together and we were able to get a new gaga ball pit for the school. It will be fun for years to come

Staff Appreciation Week 
Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s staff appreciation week. We love our Rockfield staff and were happy to provide them with a week of thank yous, items of appreciation, meals and snacks on us.

Spring Marathon
Spring marathon has wrapped up! Stay tuned for us to award the hard working students who completed a half or full marathon this year

Concession Stand
Unfortunately, the event that needed concessions was cancelled. We will look for opportunities next year for running the stand at the high school

2021/2022 Planning

Tuesday, June 8th @7pm

Even though it’s the end of the year, we are already thinking about next year. Bring your ideas and thoughts on what we can do for next year!

Thanks for a great year and see you in the fall!

~Rockfield PTA