Facility Rental & Rates

Our school buildings, athletic venues, and grounds are wonderful spaces where the Germantown community can learn, play, perform, compete, and connect. We have a number of additional spaces available for community use outside the regular school day including:
the Performing Arts Center
swimming pool
field house
cafetorium and common areas
library media centers
gyms, tennis courts, and athletic fields

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Field House

These facilities can be used by community members who are seeking accessible, convenient, and affordable space to hold their events. The public is encouraged to utilize the district’s facilities when such use doesn’t interfere with regular school programming. Please remember, district activities take precedence for use of the facilities.

Ahead of any request, please review district guidelines and, except as otherwise noted, complete the Facility Use Request form.
All facility users must follow policies and guidelines.
Users not following the rules will immediately have facility use privileges revoked.
Please take note that this is not an automated online process.

General Community Facility Use
Download and complete the 
General Facility Use Request Form fully and legibly, and then return it to the appropriate school office where the facility/site is located. If you are a Group Priority 1 requester, contact the appropriate school office administrative assistant with questions. If you are Group Priority 3–5, your completed request forms or questions should be directed to Facilities Coordinator, Shannon Duchow, 262-253-3909.

For Field House and Swimming Pool Use 
Please contact 
Shannon Duchow at 262-253-3909 to request information/direction regarding facility use.

For Performing Arts Center Use
The facility use application must be requested from the Performing Arts Center Coordinator, 
Heather Pulkowski, at 262-253-3422.

NOTICE: All facilities will be closed for public access on Monday, January 24, in both the morning and evening.


The Germantown High School field house, fitness center, and swimming pool (lap swim only) are open for public access.

Monday–Friday, 5:30–7 am

EVENINGS — Fitness Center & Pool
Monday–Thursday, 7–9 pm
The field house is not available in the evening 

$2 per use fee for Germantown residents
$4 per use fee for non-residents

These facilities will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Enter through field house entrance #26 to sign in.

High school students must show student ID upon arrival; middle and elementary school students must have parent supervision at all times.

10 laps = 1 mile