Tik Tok

Warhawk families,

It has recently come to the attention of the GHS Administrative Team that a few of our students may have participated in the latest Tik Tok trend called the “Devious Licks” challenge. The term “devious lick” is slang for theft. 

The challenge motivates students to either damage school property or steal items from school and then post the footage onto the Tik Tok video platform.

As of this writing, we have confirmed one student’s participation and are investigating another incident. The first student has been disciplined via our Code of Conduct. 

We are writing to ask for your support in speaking to our students about the seriousness of this type of behavior as well as to outline the steps that will be taken to protect the District’s property. 

Students who steal District property will be referred to SRO Olson of the Germantown Police Department for theft. Those who damage District property will be referred to SRO Olson for criminal damage to property. The District will seek restitution for any loss incurred by the District.. This can also include restitution for any restoration work completed by District Staff or contractors, on behalf of the District, due to property damage. 

In addition, students will be subject to school-based disciplinary action, up to and including suspension or expulsion and referral to the Activities Director for violation of the activities code of conduct. 

The Germantown School District, with the support of its community taxpayers, recently completed millions of dollars worth of renovations to the high school. We take the responsibility of protecting that investment seriously and will take any steps necessary to do so. 

Thank you for your timely attention to this matter. 


The GHS Administrative Team