REMINDER: Lunch is free to all Germantown students for the entirety of the 2021–2022 school year. Your child(ren) will not be charged for daily hot lunch. If your child plans on purchasing a la carte items, milk to go with a cold lunch, or an extra milk with hot lunch, you must have money in your family lunch account.
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2021-2022 Back to School Newsletter
about 2 months ago, Melissa Lietzau
Back to School
☀️Amy Belle’s Summer Office Hours☀️ Mondays 9-12 Wednesday 11-2
3 months ago, Melissa Lietzau
Senior Walk! Class of 2021!
4 months ago, Amy Belle School
We are less than $200 away from reaching our first goal and the ice water dump reward! Bring in your coins!!
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coin for kids
Fifth grade DARE celebration!
5 months ago, Amy Belle School
Thank you families! What a wonderful start to the week! 💙
5 months ago, Amy Belle School
flower photo
Our Amy Belle families have generously donated over 1,000 items for our Kindness Bags! The K-Kids were able to put together 125 bags to donate to the St. Boniface Food Pantry. Thank you to everyone for donating!
5 months ago, Melissa Lietzau
K-Kids Donation
Summer School registration for GSD residents begins February 24. Register for Support & Enrichment Classes, Credit Recovery, Freshman PE, and more.
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Flyer for Summer School