Summer School Credit Recovery

Important Reminders
Summer School 2022 runs June 20–July 29. Please note that students will not have school on July 4.
You must provide your own transportation to summer school.
Students are encouraged to bring earphones to use with the Edgenuity program.  
There will not be any virtual options for summer school—all students must attend in person.

Students will individually work on computers using Edgenuity to complete their coursework. Edgenuity is an online curriculum for students that is student-paced and mastery-based allowing students to work at their own pace. The system generates assignment due dates to ensure students can complete the course by the end of the summer school session as long as they adhere to the due dates; students can work ahead as they are ready to do so. Edgenuity is “mastery-based,” which means the student must show understanding of a concept before moving on. A student has to achieve a 70% on one task before advancing to the next. Summer school teachers help facilitate this learning and can answer questions but for the most part, students need to be self-motivated to work independently and complete their lessons.

Summer school students are strongly encouraged to extend their workday beyond the summer school day and continue to work from home. For many of the classes, it is unrealistic to expect that students will complete the course during the brief time that summer school meets. If students want to have a better chance of completing their assigned courses and earning credit, the expectation is that they
must work outside of school.  

• All students will be expected to attend every day during their assigned time (Period 1: 8–10am; Period 2: 10am–12pm). 
• Students are expected to be on time. Late students will not be allowed to attend class.
• If any student misses more than two excused or unexcused days, he/she will not be allowed to continue attending summer school. 
• If a student does not successfully complete the coursework, he/she will receive an “F” grade for that course on his/her permanent school transcript. 
• Students who fail to show up during their designated class time(s) will be locked out of Edgenuity until they return to summer school.
• If a student is absent, the parent or guardian must call the summer school secretary to report the absence at 262-253-3907.
• Students who complete their necessary Edgenuity course(s) prior to July 29 will no longer have to attend.
• If you have any additional questions between now and June 17, contact Mrs. Elizabeth Mueller at 262-502-7251. If you have questions after June 17, please contact the Summer School Office at 262-502-7323.

We look forward to having a successful summer school session!

If you have additional questions regarding options for credit makeup, please contact the appropriate GHS school counselor: 

Elizabeth Muellerlast names A–F, 262-502-7251

Caryn Hernandez last names G–L, 262-502-7253

Perry Benzlast names M–Sch, 262-502-7254

Susan Bastlast names Sci–Z, 262-502-7252

*Administrative approval required