Back-to-School 2021–22

Back to School Night — Wednesday, September 15

The annual “GHS Back to School Night” is scheduled for Wednesday, September 15, from 6–9 pm. “Back to School Night” allows parents/guardians to experience their child’s class schedule and to meet their teachers. Each teacher has the opportunity to explain their course curriculum, assessments and expectations. More details are shared here.

Warhawk Fan Pass

The Activities Office is offering Athletic Fan Pass Cards to avoid long lines at the ticket booth. See the Warhawk Fan Pass for details. Passes need to be purchased via a check payable to "Germantown High School". The completed form and payment should be dropped off in the Main Office (Door 1) or the Activities Office (Door 26).

GHS Drop-off/Pick-up Information

The GHS front/visitor parking lot is set up for one-way traffic only. Parents are asked to keep advancing their vehicles toward the main entrance as space permits before stopping to drop off/pick up their students. 

Parents coming from the west are encouraged to use the field house entrance to drop off/pick up students. Enter the area via Edison Drive to the west of the GHS campus. Drivers will find that navigating the field house parking lot is an easier process than using the building's front lots. 

All drivers are reminded to keep out of bus lanes. Do not attempt to enter bus lanes while the buses are present. On a typical day at GHS, the buses leave the campus around 2:40 pm, and the lot is relatively clear by 2:45 pm.

Do not park or stop on River Lane. This includes making a left turn from northbound River Lane into the GHS driveway when traffic is backed up. Please wait until it is safe to turn left from northbound River Lane. 

As always, please remember that the speed limit in our parking lots is 10 miles per hour. SRO Olson will be monitoring driver speed in the area.