Back-to-School 2021–22

Kennedy Middle School strives to create a learning environment that allows students to be comfortable and successful.  If at any time there are issues you feel are impacting your child’s education, please reach out to either Principal Susan Climer, 262-253-3452 or, or Assistant Principal Brandon Kohl, 262-502-7440 or, and they will be happy to assist you.  

ID Policy

Students at KMS are required to wear their student ID on a daily basis. The student ID serves many purposes, including having a barcode on it that is used for library and lunch purposes. Students who do not have an ID will not be able to purchase items from the a la carte menu. If a student forgets their ID, a temporary ID will be issued (available in the Blue Office). Lost IDs can be replaced for $5.

Schoology and Skyward

Schoology is our Learning Management System and is primarily used by teachers for sharing resources and assignments with students. Schoology is also where students will electronically submit assignments. When a student submits an assignment, a rectangular icon will show up next to that assignment in the grades tab. The teacher then has seven days from the due date to grade that assignment. 

Skyward is our student information system that is the central hub for contact information, health information, grades, discipline records, and any other pertinent information that is specific to individual students. 

Online Registration and Verification

As part of the Skyward online verification process, you will need to respond to all of the “STEPS” for completion.  

KMS Fees
The school registration fee is $65 for the 2021–2022 school year. All fees can be paid online; there is a small charge for this service.  You can also pay these fees in person or send payment with your student during the first week of school.

Co-Curricular Fees
There is a $85 Co-Curricular Activity Fee for students who participate in the following activities:
Boys and Girls Basketball
Boys and Girls Track
Boys and Girls Cross Country
Destination Imagination

There is a cap of $425 per family.

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phone use in KMS is almost never prohibited. It is the policy of KMS that all students’ cell phones need to be turned off and placed either in their backpack or locker. If a student needs to use their cell phone, it needs to be done with the supervision of an adult. If a student needs to call or text their parent from their phone, they will need to come to the Gold Office to do so. If a student is found to be using their phone in violation of KMS’s policy, each offense will be documented in Skyward and will be addressed accordingly:  

1st Offense: Student will have device confiscated, teacher will take device to main office, and student may pick their device up in the main office at the end of the day. 

2nd Offense: Student will have device confiscated, teacher will take device to main office, parents will be contacted, and student may pick device up in main office at the end of the day. 

3rd Offense: Student will have device confiscated, teacher will take device to main office, administration will contact parents, and parents will come to pick up device in the main office. 


Please consider joining the Kennedy Middle School PTA.  Meetings are typically scheduled on the fourth Tuesday of each month in the Gold Activity Center at 7 pm. The first meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 28. If you wish to join the PTA, please include your payment during online registration or at the first PTA meeting.